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Blenderman Cremation preview!!! by jashinist112 Blenderman Cremation preview!!! by jashinist112
Across the room Peter sat- his teeth gritting- he didn't like to type essays or anything- he was way too good to do any of this- he slammed the top of the table standing up- his eyes watery out of his frustration.
"If I had my lawyer I'd of sued you into the ground for torture! I mean- look at these bitten hands!!" He stuck his hands out which only had one blister- which all knew was from his Moped he used to try to pick up girls....which never worked. Everyone knew what his proffession would be in a year or two- a Actor for a Sope Opera, his eyes and body acting out to his full potential.
"Ma'am, We'll escort him out-" Everyone in their group stood up.
"Is this really necessary for all of you to go?" She put her hands up on her hip- and Zach- the one that stayed back a year just to graduate with his group walked up, his tender looks enough to make most anyone melt-
"Miss, you see-" Spreading his arm to jesture to Peter. "- His Granma'ma just passed- he is in pure agony in which we can only soothe his soul of- you see- his Granma'ma took care of us all when-"
"You mean the old cook?" The teacher relaxed- her pity taking place of suspicion. "Alright, then all can go."

"One...twoooo.....threeeeeee......... RUN! " They all burst down the hallway laughing to their hide-out. The old Janitor's office, it still had most of the Janitor's stuff in it- with a thick coat of dust on it. The Head Of Staff was now the one staying up to clean the school now. The rumor was she carried a raw roast beef into a closed wing and returned with a scared face every night. They planned on scaring the woman by going in- removing the meat, then seeing her reaction the next day.
Flipping a coin through the air, Zach held Tina in his arms.
"So what we doin' again?"
"I told you multiple times , Bone-head, We're going to pull a prank on the Head of this damn school- The BEST WORST graduation prank ever! We're going to cause her a panic attack by removing her 'meat' and putting it infront of her door. We found a door in here so we're just waiting for her to go- shhh!! you hear?!" Martin biffed him- being miffed at Tina for going for a dimwit like him who just cheated to get a high-score, to what he's concerned.
MinisterNatas Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  New Deviant
Interesting design. Like this character
cowgirl102 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013
Blender man is so interesting!!
jashinist112 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :3 *giggles * I do try XD
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